I’m really excited to be attending the Performance Today Residency at the Banff Centre in January of 2015. During the four-week residency, I’ll get to help plan and perform concerts while also learning about marketing and keeping classical music relevant to today’s world. I’m also really excited to meet and learn from Claire Chase, the Artistic Director and flute extraordinaire of ICE, who will be on the faculty during the residency.  It’s a very cool opportunity!

I’ve recently created a new educational program with my Duo Ephelia partner, Milena Zhivotovskaya. It’s an interactive demonstration where we perform a piece of music and discuss how some of its concepts are also found in visual art while the participants create inspired artwork. We’re calling it From the Stage to the Canvas. On Septemer 18th, Milena and I gave the premiere From the Stage to the Canvas for the Children’s Chorus of Bay Ridge in collaboration with the art teacher at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. The kids learned about Romanticism in both painting and Robert Schumann’s music.

I’m proud to have joined the newly formed Texas New Music Ensemble, which performs works by emerging and established Texas composers. Our inaugural concert was held on August 23rd, 2014, at Studio 101 in Houston, TX, where we played works by Donald Grantham, Pierre Jalbert, Marcus Maroney, and Chad Robinson (also the Artistic Director). It was really fun getting to work with the composers and other performers.

The Composers of Space City is a concert series that I helped organize with my contemporary music ensemble Sound Hive. There were two main concerts in Houston and Austin, which featured works by young Houston composers including Chad Robinson, George Heathco, Josh Vinci, and Jack Benson–along with a piece that I wrote! Sound Hive also visited a University of Houston Clear Lake art class to give an interactive performance of Lost Signals from Moonbase 14 by Josh Vinci, which was one of our featured premieres. The class was made up of both children and adults, and the students made fantastic artwork based on our performance.

I completed my first original composition Into the Forest of a Dream on May 12, 2014. I wrote the piece for Sound Hive, a contemporary music ensemble that I helped create. The instrumentation is for septet comprising flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, French horn, violin, viola, and cello. The piece is inspired by a memorable dream about an enchanted forest. In the dream, I couldn’t go into the forest, but could only look at its dim underbrush from the outside. There was, however, a faint enchanted glow cast over its sloping hills, and odd, cartoonish clouds, which hung low under the tree branches.  With this piece, I intended to evoke for the listener the same magical feeling that I had when viewing the forest in my dream. The work premiered in Austin, TX on June 13th, 2014.